Sunday, April 29, 2007

Essay outline

6. Modern Technology has not always improved the quality of people’s lives.
Could we do without any modern technology for a day?
Background Information/ Definition
Technology is a broad concept that deals with a species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects a species' ability to control and adapt to its environment
Thesis Statement
Modern technology has improved people's way of lives, however, not the quality of people’s lives.
Modern technology brings about,
- modern technology has brought about a social gap between people
- over reliance
- caused a lack of sincerity
First Para

Modern technology has brought about a gap between people.
- we use msn for conversations; not face to face
- play computer games instead of face to face interactive games
- use sms as a form of communication
With modern technology, we have less face to face conversations and hence, leads to ineffective communication.

Second Para
We are overly reliant and dependent on technology.
- can’t remember contacts of friends as they are all kept in our handphone
- we have to depend on cars to bring us to one place
Our daily lives would be greatly affected as we depend too much on technology and so if there were to be a breakdown in technology, we would not be able to proceed with are life so comfortably.

Third Para
Modern technology has caused a lack of sincerity in what we do.
- emails and e-cards versus a personalized card or letter
- a bought present or a hand made gift
Hence, it is much more thoughtful and genuine to do something personally for someone instead of using technology as a tool that would bring more convenience to us.

Fourth Para (Rebuttal)
Technology has brought us more efficiency.
- Saves time to travel from one place to another. (eg. Planes and cars)
- Quicker transmission of information (eg. Mobile phones and computers)
Therefore, technology allows us quicker access to information and reduces traveling time, these brings more convenience in our lives. However, though it does bring about added convenience, our quality of life is not improved holistically.

Though it may be argued that modern technology has brought to us much more convenience and has saved precious time for us, it has not improved our quality of life as it brings about a social gap between people, makes us rely too much on technology and caused a lack of warmth in what we do.

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